Inaudible Hunt

A friendly hunt for beginning puzzlers. Starts April 24, 2021 @ noon EDT
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This a small puzzle hunt written as practice by a small group of people. There will be 8 puzzles and one meta, and an answer checker. The puzzles are short, if we had to guess, it might take intermediate 2-3 people around 4 hours. The hunt will run from noon EDT Saturday (24 April 2021) to midnight Sunday, at which point we will release the solutions.

Thanks for playing!

26 Apr 2021 / midnight EDT: That’s a wrap!

We had a great (and educational) time interacting with puzzlers through hint requests and it was super satisfying when we saw people finish on the leaderboard! Do leave feedback below, sign up if you’d like join us in learning to write puzzles, and see you all at the next mini hunt!

The solutions can be found here: SOLUTIONS

The puzzles can still be found here: PUZZLES

Thanks for playing, –the Inaudible Hunt team

Updates & Errata

If there are any, timestamped errata will appear here.

24 April 23:35 – [Some Random Poetry] “publix ___ M___” can be switched to “Walgreens (___ M___)” for less ambiguity.

Email Notifications

If you would like to be notified right away when hunt opens and solutions released, please enter email below. (Note: Strictly optional, this page should update on day of hunt publicly with passcode to puzzles.) This also helps give us a sense of numbers.


We made an attempt at an FAQ, though we think only existing puzzlers will find this hunt.

The first two puzzles are very beginner friendly (the easier end of puzzled pint). We think the final two are medium-easy mystery hunt puzzles. As a large disclaimer, we didn’t expect that many people to find this in time (read: maybe 5 people), we testsolved all once but not twice, and never as a whole hunt. Bring on the feedback >:D and don’t take it too seriously please.

[Fri evening update: We had successful solo testsolve of whole hunt]

You should join us! Fill out the contact form :D We made this hunt to learn and practice puzzle writing.

There is no team registration, the leaderboard will ask your (team)name when you get the meta.

These are free-form puzzles where there are no instructions, unlike a crossword puzzle. The answers will usually be a word or short phrase, which you will somehow extract from the the puzzle. Perhaps see this blog post for more info.

Several puzzles meant to be solved together. If the hunt is timed people will compete to be first to finish the hunt.

Solving the meta puzzle is sufficient to enter the leaderboard (if you wish).

A meta is a puzzle which uses the answers from other (earlier) puzzles. Thus, in order to solve the meta (and win the hunt!), you must solve several, if not all, of the other puzzles.

We are: nrobot, James, Tchakka, Dbopp, robo, L, Zoz, dwilson, Seth, jwagner. In 2020, we hunted with the team known in 2020 as “We can’t hear you you’re on mute”. But we don’t represent the team in any way, and many of us are writing puzzles for the first time. Any feedback appreciated!

It’s a fun social activity, we get together and try each other’s puzzles and you can see the puzzle revision process. Plus it helps improve puzzle solving skills too.

If you feel super frustrated, drop us an email us at mutedpuzzles at gmail with subject line HINT REQUEST for [“puzzle name”] [“your username”], brackets included.


When people finish the meta, their names will show up here:

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For Beta Testers


Our hunt is not secure, in good spirit, if you are participating please do not try to reverse the answers from the source code.